This happened 4 times when I was at my cabin. -_-

This happened 4 times when I was at my cabin. -_-


Reblog if you’ve sprayed a fountain of blood everywhere checking your blood sugar!

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I love this little diabetic community we have on tumblr. We get to talk to people who understand and make jokes people actually get. Like I just wanted to say you’re all super cool and I appreciate all of you very much.

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Diabetes Camp

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting a lot lately but it’s because I went to D-CAMP for the first time!!!! It was A LOT of fun and i got to meet SOOO many amazing peeps. 


Diabetes does not belong only to old, overweight and lazy… diabetes belongs to young, inspiring, hard working and slim…diabetes is an illness which belongs to all of us from young to old, overweight to slim… you do not get diabetes by simply eating too much sweets and not exercising, you get diabetes because of an attack on your immune system, because of genetics, because of unknown reasons…